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TMBS100E SKF Strong Back Puller kit

US$667.47 US$667.47
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Part Number: TMBS100E
Manufacturer: SKF
Product Type: Strong Back Puller Kit

Shaft Diameter Range = 20mm - 100mm
Maximum Bearing External Diameter = 160mm
Maximum Reach = 120mm - 816mm
Maximum Stroke = 80mm
Threading Hydraulic Cylinder = 1.1/2"-16 UN

Nominal Working Force = 100kN

Product Contents:
1 x Separator Set
2 x Main Rods
2 x Extension Rods (125mm)
4 x Extension Rods (285mm)
1 x Beam
1 x Hydrulic Spindle (TMHS 100)
2 x Extension Pieces for Hydraulic Spindle (50mm & 100mm)
1 x Nosepiece with Centre Point for Hydraulic Spindle (80mm)
Carrying Case Dimensions = 580mm x 410mm x 70mm

• Special separator design allows the puller to be easily inserted between the bearing and the shoulder on the shaft.

• The spring-loaded centre point of the hydraulic spindle allows easy puller centring.

• The firm grip behind the bearing’s inner ring reduces the force required to dismount the bearing.

• The hydraulic spindle is equipped with a safety valve, which minimises the risk of puller overload.

• A hydraulic spindle stroke of 80 mm (3.1 in.) helps facilitate dismounting in one operation.

• SKF TMBS 50E is equipped with a mechanical spindle for force generation.

• SKF TMBS 100E and the SKF TMBS 150E are equipped with a hydraulic spindle, which allows for easy application of force up to 100 kN (11.2 US ton).

• Supplied with hydraulic spindle extension pieces to allow quick adaptation to pulling length.

• SKF TMBS 100E and SKF TMBS 150E are supplied with extension rods to allow quick adaptation to pulling lengths upto 816 mm (32.1 in.).


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