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TMMD100 SKF Deep Groove Ball Bearing Puller Kit

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Part Number: TMMD100
Manufacturer: SKF
Product Type: Deep Groove Ball Bearing Kit

Min/Max Bearing Bore Diameter = 10mm - 100mm
Effective Arm Length = 135mm - 170mm

Suitable for the Following Bearings:
6000-6020 (10mm - 100mm)
6200 - 6218 (10mm - 90mm)
6300 - 6313 (10mm - 65mm)
6403 - 6410 (17mm - 50mm)
62/22, 62/28, 63/22, 63/28 (22mm - 28mm)
16002, 16003, 16011 (15mm, 17mm, 55mm)
16100, 16101 (10mm - 12mm)

Product Contents:
3 x Puller Arm A1-123mm
3 x Puller Arm A2-135mm
3 x Puller Arm A3-137mm
3 x Puller Arm A4-162mm
3 x Puller Arm A5-167mm
3 x A6-170mm
2 x Spindle & Nut
1 x Handle

The SKF TMMD100 Deep Groove Ball Bearing Puller Kit is a specialized toolset designed for the precise and efficient removal of deep groove ball bearings from shafts and housings. Crafted by SKF, a world-renowned leader in bearing technology and industrial solutions, the TMMD100 kit is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of maintenance professionals and technicians across various industries.

Key features of the SKF TMMD100 Deep Groove Ball Bearing Puller Kit include:

Comprehensive Set: The kit includes a range of components and accessories tailored to facilitate the safe and effective removal of deep groove ball bearings, ensuring versatility and adaptability to different bearing sizes and configurations.

Versatile Application: Designed for use with deep groove ball bearings, the TMMD100 kit can be employed in diverse industrial settings, including manufacturing plants, maintenance workshops, and heavy machinery environments.

Easy to Use: The kit features intuitive tools and instructions, enabling technicians to quickly and efficiently perform bearing removal tasks with minimal effort and maximum precision.

High-Quality Construction: Manufactured from durable materials and engineered to stringent quality standards, the TMMD100 kit exhibits exceptional durability, reliability, and longevity, ensuring consistent performance in demanding operational conditions.

Safe Operation: Incorporating safety features such as ergonomic handles and protective coatings, the TMMD100 kit prioritizes user safety and minimizes the risk of accidents or damage to equipment during operation.

Portable and Compact: The compact design and lightweight construction of the TMMD100 kit enhance portability and facilitate convenient storage and transport between work locations.

Overall, the SKF TMMD100 Deep Groove Ball Bearing Puller Kit exemplifies SKF's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, providing maintenance professionals with a reliable and efficient solution for the extraction of deep groove ball bearings. Whether for routine maintenance, repair tasks, or emergency situations, the TMMD100 kit empowers technicians to tackle bearing removal challenges with confidence and precision, contributing to enhanced equipment performance, reduced downtime, and improved operational efficiency.


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